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Sunday, July 19, 2009




How to enter

1. The contest is open to all students from the ages of 14 to 17 years old from public or private secondary schools.

2. You need to form a group of up to a maximum of four (4) students. You can choose to participate either through your school or individual groups of four (4).

3. Before you start, remember to register with the following information:

a. Number of students in the group (max 4)
b. Personal details of each of the group members - name, age, name of school, contact details e.g. telephone number and e-mail address
c. If you participate through your school, please provide the name and contact details of your teacher

4. Start cracking on ideas on how to put your project together! You must design a campaign to create awareness of the Orang-utan Conservation Efforts. Then, organise activities to get your peers to participate in the project. You can use any media e.g. posters, website design, letters, leaflets, murals, packaging, online – facebook, friendster, and ground activities, etc.
Note: You are not limited to just the above media. You can creatively come up with more ideas on your own. Remember, original ideas score higher points.

5. The Organiser will not be held responsible or be involved in any fund raising activities organized by you and your friends. Any donations if raised should be channeled to WWF directly.

6. Document your entire project on a blog at www.blogspot.com and send the link of your blog to adikdi9@tv9.com.my This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before Monday 31 August 2009. Remember to state the source of the information you had used.

7. This contest ends on Monday 31 August 2009.

8. Good luck and have fun!


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