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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ths is not about triangle love!!

i dunno!! ohh.... im confused..

poor him..

love him..

miss him..

want him..

im sory frend!
i dont mean it..but....
argh!! yes!
humm..yes! i mean it..
but,, xde niat pun i nk sekasar tu..
but,, time i text u tu.-i mmng ade niat..
ouh! im so sorry..
im too bad for u..-maybe

i've hurt u.
but y u still call me?
ask frgiveness pulak tuh!..
wish 4 my trial pon..!
ish..im guilty la..
its wokeh..
if takdir utk kite tersurat mse akn dtg, kite psti jpe jugak bile2..
im sOrry mr H!

if u can read..so read this..
if not..hear from my heart by ur heart..
i dunno wht to say la with this one.
he's the best friend ever i've meet..-but tempe always come first actually ;D
tp bile pk2 balik..ape yg best nye die?
he's never blanje me eskem!- mr m.a, tomatomen, mds pon same ape!
he's never teach me mod math!
he's just ugut me with his omongan kosong..
so ape yg best nye?
i dunno lah.. so,,im wrong! ;< he's not my bestfriend larh!
he's just a guy..
who i just know his
and facebook..

so..he's not my bestfriend actually!
he's just a guy who know my name! :>

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hazye said...

bukn mr.a jew??