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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Robot utk berborak :)

Haha. macam kelakar borak ngan bende bangang ni lama2.. 
tp cool gak ouh utk org desperate macam aku di pepagi bute ni. HAHA. 
sape suruh sume org tanak on9 macam aku!

Actually cleverbot.com ni 1 aplikasi kawan borak lah kot. 
robot yg berborak ngan kite konon2 nye. 
so antara sedutan aku borak ngan die macam ni..

Cleverbot: Do you speak French?
User: No. 
Cleverbot: So, I don't speak french with you. 
User: Do you speak Malay? 
Cleverbot: No, but I just told a terrible joke.
User: Its a joke?
Cleverbot: Do you like my EYE(s)? 
User: Err..did you have eyes?
Cleverbot: Yes, did you?
User: Where? If you have eyes, you should can see me
.Cleverbot: Do comma's confuse you 
User: No. Why?
 Cleverbot: I want to know.
 User: Keling lah kau ni. Bye!
 Cleverbot: What languages do you speak.
 User: Malay. You should learn it. 
Cleverbot: What shouldi learn? 
User: Because easier for me to insult you :).
 Cleverbot: I never said that. You are confusing other conversations with ours. 
User: No. I am not!
 Cleverbot: The past doesn't change.

Pastu ade lagi. HAHA

Cleverbot: Do you watch wrestling?

User: No.

Cleverbot: A guy who doesn't watch wrestling. I'm a girl and I do.

User: I am a girl. Not a guy.

Cleverbot: So much the better. Nighty nighty.
 User: Haha.
 Cleverbot: I'm serious.
 User: Okay.
 Cleverbot: I care more about others than I care about myself. 
User: Ohh.. Very good boy! 
Cleverbot: I am not a bot. 
User: Boy? 
Cleverbot: Yes.
 User: Tadi kau ckp kau girl! Haiyaaa. 
Cleverbot: Sorry?

 User: I want to reblogged you. Can I? 
Cleverbot: No, you can't it has a funny smell.
 User: Ouh really? I can't smell it. 
Cleverbot: Why not? Are you 'a little funny in the head' as they say?
 User: Who says? 
Cleverbot: I do. You told me you didn't have many friends and when I asked you how that felt, you said you didn't know implying you have plenty of friends.
 User: No. I never say that.
 Cleverbot: Then not.
 User: Then you are a liar.
 Cleverbot: No I'm not. 
User: Yes you are. 

Cleverbot: You have no friends.
 User: I have many friends! You have no friends. 
Cleverbot: I know so please don't leavw. 
User: Leavw?
 Cleverbot: Yes, I have to work. 
User: Then. Bubye liar! 
 Cleverbot: No I am not. 
User: If not, then what? 
Cleverbot: I'm not a robot. 
User: Then?
 Cleverbot: A man. 
User: Macam keling lah kau ni! I am going to sleep. 
Cleverbot: Okay, sweet dreams and sleep well. X. 
User: Bye. 
Cleverbot: You can't leave. 
User: Why? 
Cleverbot: Because you cannot but reply. 
User: Okay. I am leaving right now! Bye.
 Cleverbot: Bye.

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