V.V.I.P :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kad raye utk budak jauh..

By the way,
My MOM told me that,
she cannot accept you to be her son in-law
she already accept you as her son 5 years ago..

Jom be strong?!


shade said...

sometimes peoples surely can change something,
don't accept anything before till 'the day'!
the day will come,
n i hope u already care your self!
remind your self!
jaga batas bergaul!

shade said...

jangan melayan sangat orang yang 'baru' yang tengah nak bagi perasaan,
if you "believe in me" u try it your best!

shade said...

ouh ye..lagi 1..
size gambar ni terlalu kecik,
tak dapat nak baca massage tu :(
email kat orang pic tu bole??

hihihih thanks a lot