V.V.I.P :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Ifa,


 People always say: "hot expected till evening, however, rain comes down in afternoon" 

Not all thing may satisfy you, not only THINGS actually,its means all of the things which matter in your life..
If once you feels unsatisfied with it, you are still normal till you feels all the matters happens is perfect, then you are ABNORMAL :)

Let's talk about H E A R T ..
if your heart does not satisfy with others heart. you may left it after you 'warn' them about the unsatisfactory things so that you may feels like you are normal unless you left the heart without saying anything which means that u are so mean..! 

if you start to put huge hope for a heart, you have to face the risk of the other hearts might be normal or abnormal. The conclusion is, if you don't want any damage of your heart, DO NOT PUT ANY HOPE TO OTHERS..!

 #People may changed in a second, hearts also..because every people have their own heart and each heart belong to a person. I am not talk about the status of "in a relationship", I talk about any relationship you may have either lovers or friends.  


Anonymous said...

ape ni ngett? x paham laaaaa~ HAHAHA!!

ifa ahmad izhar said...

xfaham sudah! kau budak kecik. HAHA

Anonymous said...

berlagak gileeee~ anda lagi kecik k MOK!! haha

ifa ahmad izhar said...

mmg laa sbb kau TUA.. :P