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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sem Break Job..

For December break sem,
Aku & my lovely panda..had made a decision to feel the experience at any workplace. HAHA

Alhamdulillah..kiteorang diterima untuk bekerja kat Hotel Putra Iskandar, Seri Iskandar, Perak as receptionist, because of this is the only hotel in here, so it has been fully booked a week earlier..! and on the time (fully booked), we are not only work as receptionist anymore.. HAHA.. its fun to be housekeeping, laundry or what so ever in a day! 

even penat tp thats the experience we find & found..! :P

FYI, this hotel belong by malay people under DAYATAMA companies group. 
pray for us that we able to perform better for our job. Insya ALLAH 



Mystery Man :p said...

Keje tu keje jugak, 1st salary nanti jgn lupe delivery Pizza Hut yg family set utk I okay? Thanks Budak Hotel :')

ifa ahmad izhar said...

haha. amboii perut nk besar je makan family set..!